Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Impact of Online Reviews on Your Business

In this digital age, most of the businesses have been digitized. In which scenario, the criteria for the businesses to be called credible have also been changed. One of the criteria to talk about in this regard is the presence of online reviews about any business. The matter of fact is that about 90% of the visitors read online reviews and most of then take those reviews as advice.

Why online reviews matter for your business?
If you have positive reviews about your business, you are going to get attention by your potential customers. This way, the viewers will have a sense of trust which is pretty important to bring them on the product order page. As a matter of fact, if the customers trust the reviews about your business, they are willing to pay 31% extra for the product.

Online reviews are important also because it is an inexpensive way of encouraging your potential customers. The business management will not have to do much in this regard as the major task will be done by the reviews. Reviews through Google, Yelp and Facebook aren’t only going to help you get discovered by many customers but they will also establish your credibility among your potential customers.

Another major benefit of online reviews is that they can help you from SEO perspective. If you have more reviews on your product page, you are going to have fresh content on the page. This way, the ranking of your website will get improved in search results of major search engine.

How to use reviews for your advantage
You may wonder about your ability to control the reviews when it’s the past and potential customers who write the reviews. The matter of fact of fact is that there are the ways to control those reviews. Some of those ways are worth mentioning in this regard.
  • The overall advantage of reviews is that they give your brand the necessary exposure. Therefore, you need to encourage your customers to leave a review about your product and brand at first place. If you product is of high quality, the reviews are going to be positive. The major advantage of positive reviews is that they do not only portray your business in positive sense but you will also be able to get an SEO advantage.
  • When you get reviews on your product page, you get the content which can help you develop more content. You get the keyword ideas to optimize your site further.
  • You can show your positive reviews to the influencers in order to convince them about your brand. The main purpose of this approach is that those influencers will market your product among their own specific domains.
  • The feedback provided by the customers can be quite helpful for you if you want to know about the areas where you need improvement.


Online reviews are quite helpful for online businesses from a number of perspectives. However, you have to make sure that you have a strategy to deal with the incoming reviews. You cannot avoid negative reviews at all, and it is something you don’t have to worry about either. A balanced mix of good and bad reviews will prompt your viewers to believe your legitimacy.

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